Preparing Your Home for Sale – Part 2

wax warmer

Now that you have the exterior of your home ready for showings, it’s time to discuss what needs to be done on the interior.  Stand at your front door and walk into your home.  What does it smell like? If you can smell pet odors, cooking odors or if just smells stale, you need to address that right away.  Open the windows to let some fresh air in and use wax warmers or plug in scents to create a fresh scent in your home.  A foul smelling home will not sell!

living room

When you walk in the door, what do you see? Is the home warm and welcoming or is there clutter and too much furniture?  You want to make sure all surfaces are clear with only a few decorative items.  Remove all personal photos from the walls and shelving. Does the living area feel too crowded? It may be the right time to move some furniture into the garage to open up the space. Is the furniture torn or stained? Investing in slipcovers is a good fix for these issues.


Now let’s talk about the kitchen. Are there stains on the stove, sink or counters? You simply must get those stains out and replace items if needed. Your kitchen needs to sparkle! Remember, clear off all surfaces except for a few items to show off all that wonderful counter space! How do the cabinets look? Do they need to be cleaned? Do they need a fresh coat of paint or stain? It is imperative that your kitchen be as crisp as possible.


How do your bathrooms look? Should the caulk around the sinks and tubs/showers be removed and re-applied? No one wants to see mildew in the bathroom as it sometimes indicates a problem. Using a razor blade, carefully cut out the old caulk and replace with new. How are the tiles and grout? Make sure they are clean and free of hard soap stains, etc. And again, check your cabinetry to make sure it looks good as well.

bedroom interior

Our final discussion will be the bedrooms.  Be sure they are not overcrowded with furniture. You want to showcase the size of these rooms! Make sure beds are made neatly and that all clothing is hanging or neatly folded in drawers. If you have a storage area in a bedroom, make sure it is organized neatly and efficiently.


Always make sure to clean your home right before a showing. The floors should be vacuumed, swept and mopped; all surfaces should be clean and dust free and bathrooms should gleam.

The next and final part of this series will discuss how to prepare the mechanics of your home.  Stay tuned!

Preparing Your Home for Sale – Part 1


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You’ve decided to sell your home. Maybe the kids have moved out, you have kids on the way or you are relocating.The steps you take to prepare your home for sale are crucial to a successful closing. Preparing your home for sale can feel like an overwhelming task. I always recommend taking things step by step.

Brick home pic

First, you will want to grab a notepad and a pen. Stand outside your house by the curb and take a look at the exterior paint, is it peeling? How about the gutters? How do the garage doors look? Do they need to be painted? Washed? Are the windows clean? Are the screens clean and not torn? How about the landscaping? Are bushes overgrown? Are there weeds in the flower beds? Now, walk up to your front porch/doorway. How does it look? Are there cobwebs? Is it dirty? Remember, this is the first area a potential buyer will see when viewing your home.

Plant new flowers, trim hedges and bushes and make sure they don’t obstruct the windows. Clean out the gutters and clear them of any debris. Clear the flower beds of weeds and put down fresh mulch. Black is a very popular color for mulch now. Mow the yard and treat for weeds (if there are any). Clean the windows and inspect the screens to make sure they aren’t torn. Paint the exterior if needed. (Paint is an inexpensive way to make a home look great; inside and out!) What about the front door? How does the door handle/lock look? Are they rusted? Worn? Are they sturdy and secure? It might be time to replace the hardware on the door. And what about the door itself? Could it use a new coat of paint? Make the exterior of your home shine! Spruce up the curb appeal to attract more potential buyers.

backyard patio

Now, walk around to the back of your home. Stand at the back of the yard and look at the patio area, the yard, windows and the back door. How does it look? Has Fido scratched up the door? Are there poop piles in the yard? Is the patio inviting? Are the windows clean and screens not torn? You will want to make sure the backyard is mowed, and weeds are treated. The patio should have a nice seating area (if there is room) and should be clutter-free. Many folks spend a lot of time on their back patio, so be sure not to overlook this area when prepping your home for sale!

In the next post, we will begin to look at the interior of the home.

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